Posted by Toby on Jul 02, 2014

In our last blog post Paul went over our collective pre-launch thoughts on Chubbins. We're now coming up on a month since the game hit the eShop, so it seems a good time to talk about how things have gone post-launch. This could be considered a postmortem of sorts; I'll be tackling the project in sections, looking at what we did wrong, what we did right, and other aspects of the project and its reception worth noting.

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Posted by Paul on Jun 04, 2014

In less than 24 hours, Chubbins will be launching on Nintendo's Wii U eShop! As developers, the agonizing wait for its success or failure is almost over, so it seems a good time to write up some quick thoughts about this stressful pre-launch window.

Any indie developer starting out needs to be prepared for failure, both mentally and financially. Unfortunately we made the mistake of wasting our "means to fail" with three games on the iOS market, where we didn't fit in. So in heading to Nintendo (where we wish we could have been to begin with), we knew from the start that it was a last chance scenario; we couldn't afford another failure. If our first game on Wii U doesn't work out, that's it. So I think it's safe to say that this period of hopeful anticipation has been more stressful for us than most.

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Posted by Paul on Apr 05, 2014

Chubbins for Wii U is moving closer to submission to Nintendo! The lastest hurdle, an unexpected revisiting of graphics, is behind us now.

If you haven't been watching our blog in the short time it's been around, we had initially planned on leaving Chubbins' simplistic graphics more or less as they appeared on iOS. That decision was at first met with much disapproval from people around the web, but when we asked for and got more specific feedback as to what we might improve, a number of very supportive people also appeared to help offset all the criticism. Thanks to everyone out there, positive and negative alike, we were able to find a better balance for what we wanted to change.

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Posted by Paul on Mar 26, 2014

Chubbins may not be ready for Wii U quite as soon as we'd hoped. Efforts to get the word out about the game have resulted in feedback that has us baffled. Most of said feedback relates to the game's visuals.

When you break it down, Chubbins is about moving left and right from block to block to traverse levels. That's the bare-bones objective. The platforming gets incredibly tricky at times, but at its core it's a very simple game with a very simple goal. So just what should such a game look like? To us it seems a simple game should have simple visual needs, especially when the player's concentration might be thrown off by unecessary distractions.

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Posted by Toby on Mar 24, 2014

While Chubbins has been a finished game since spring '13, porting the game to Wii U has given us the opportunity to add some new features and make a number of improvements that make for a generally more solid experience. Read on to see what they are and why we're making them!

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Posted by Paul on Mar 20, 2014

Last year was highly educational for us. Dahku put out three games for iPhone and iPad over the course of 2013, all of them on the small side (for the sake of a non-existent budget and keeping development times down), and all of them designed with the iOS market in mind--something we knew very little about at the start.

We grew up on Nintendo consoles, in the golden days when "playing Nintendo" was synonymous with "playing video games". Of course it's a different world out there for consoles these days, the kind of different you might feel when visiting a foreign country. Mobile on the other hand, is like visiting another planet.

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Posted by Toby on Mar 20, 2014

March 12th marked two years since Dahku Creations was officially formed and today marks two years since our domain name was registered, so we're excited to celebrate the occasion by welcoming you to the new v2 site!

Our previous v1 site was minimal, basic and a touch boring- quite temporary and not really meant to last as long as it did. We feel the newly launched v2 site finally reflects who we are and what we do, both in style and content.

Stylistically speaking, we tried to capture the right balance of smooth, sleek and professional while being fun and unique at the same time. It was a lengthy design process but we're quite pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully our visitors will dig it as well.

As for content we've added a few pages- an 'About' for those interested and of course this blog, which we intend to use for general updates, development reports, game musings and so on. And naturally, old pages have all been completely redesigned to be visually sharper and infinitely more efficient at what they do.

This website relaunch comes at an exciting time for us as we'll be outlining in the next blog post, so hopefully things will only get better from here!

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