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Get ready for all the fun and intensity of classic platforming partnered with the smooth accessibility of modern gaming! Guide our plump bunny hero, Chubbins, safely through 40 memorable levels across 5 increasingly challenging worlds! The controls are super simple--just move left and right--but stay on your toes! Chubbins never stops bouncing, keeping every gameplay situation dynamic and interesting.

After conquering each world's unique boss, perfect your route and reflexes to set new Soft and Hard Mode records, and master levels individually in Time Attack!

Sorry, this title is no longer available
"The characters are engaging, the gameplay is tough but never cheap, and defeating each level yields some of the greatest satisfaction a gamer can get. Fans of the "Nintendo-hard" genre will love this game."
"With a small scope and limited budget, Dahku has turned this simple concept into a meaty, insanely challenging experience."
"Chubbins is a tight platformer that does a great job of capturing the coveted old-school feel."
"I didn't think I'd enjoy the game, and I figured it was going to be a dud. I'm so glad to say, I was wrong. Chubbins is entertaining, challenging, and a blast to play!"
Rated E For Everyone