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Announcing Rotund Rebound

Posted by Paul on February 18, 2018
Rotund Rebound

Today we are excited to announce our newest game project, Rotund Rebound!

Yes, this is a sequel to Chubbins, our hardcore platformer available on Wii U. Long-time Dahku followers may wonder, why make a sequel to a title that was a financial flop and generally poorly received? Well, three and a half years has given us much time to reflect.

Our old dev blog posts outline many aspects where Chubbins suffered, but in retrospect many of these issues can be attributed to the fact that we focused so heavily on delivering a solid platforming experience, and made all other considerations secondary.

But what might Chubbins have been if we'd given equal attention to every aspect of its design? The answer is Rotund Rebound.

We're bringing back that solid gameplay experience, beefing it up, and this time we aim to raise the rest of the game to the same level and deliver a truly satisfying platformer that will take its place among the greats.

We'll have plenty of RR details in the coming months, but here are some quick facts:

  • We've chosen a pixel art style, well-suited to the retro-tough gameplay, and more player-friendly when judging bounce motion and distances.
  • World maps will open more options for players to access and explore levels in a less linear fashion, but the emphasis on speedrunning will remain intact.
  • This early in development we are focusing purely on creating a PC title, but we fully intend to expand to modern consoles and possibly Nintendo 3DS.

Be sure to keep an eye here or around our social media as things progress!