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Big News, REALLY Big News!

Posted by Toby on June 1, 2020

[Box Art]

Today begins an exciting new chapter for Rotund Rebound. We've got several big announcements to cover, so let's jump into it!

Nintendo Switch Boards The Platforms!

[Nintendo Switch]

This should come as no surprise after previous teases, but as childhood Nintendo fans we're super excited to confirm that Rotund Rebound will be coming to Nintendo Switch! We're aiming for a simultaneous release alongside Steam and Xbox One.

Going Official With New Media!

Things are fast picking up for Rotund Rebound, and in that spirit we've released a new announcement trailer! Technically the game was softly announced in 2018 and has had an "early teaser" trailer for about a year, but we're well past that stage. Time to put our best foot forward with official gameplay footage!

Other new media includes that snazzy box art at the top of this post and refreshed screenshots. You can now find those and everything Rotund Rebound at rotundrebound.com, a sleek new hub for the game.

Rotund Rebound Is On Discord!

For Rotund Rebound we'd really like to encourage a fun and helpful community centered around friendly competition, video sharing and strat discussion. We've also been wanting a way to deliver some fun exclusive content straight to those who want it. We're honestly pretty new to the whole Discord thing, but it seems like a perfect fit for these goals. Hope to see you there!

[Join Our Discord]

Rotund Zero Available Now!

We've teased a GameBoy-styled Rotund game a couple times, and here it is at last!

Rotund Zero features precision platforming on a 5-minute countdown, uniquely dynamic gameplay through randomly shuffled handcrafted levels, and a retro handheld-inspired world of weirdness!

Rotund Rebound won't be finished for awhile yet, so what better way to kick off our Discord-exclusive content than with something fun to play and discuss in the meantime? It's FREE on Windows, macOS, and Linux, so come on into the server and get your download key!