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Rotund Rebound Demo At Steam Next Fest!

Posted by Toby on September 30, 2021

[Steam Next Fest Banner]

It's been a long time since our last public update (psst, Discord gets weekly reports!), but we've been very hard at work! Rotund Rebound is near enough to completion that it's in the hands of external beta testers now, and we're confident in our Q1 2022 release schedule. We also may launch on PC first with consoles soon to follow, but we'll see.

With this comes the exciting occasion of Steam Next Fest (Oct 1-7), in which Rotund Rebound is participating with a shiny new demo! And if you're interested in beta testing the full game yourself, letting us know what you think of the demo is a great way to be considered for the next wave of testers. At any rate we hope you'll check it out and enjoy it!