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Rotund Rebound Launches!

Posted by Toby on April 1, 2022

Well, today's the day. Rotund Rebound is officially available for purchase on Steam and itch.io!

When we decided to return to game development in 2017, we wanted to make a grand title with no corners cut, something worthy of standing alongside other famous and beloved titles. As we said in our return post, "Our prime interest as developers has always been to create the kind of game we can passionately pour our hearts, souls, blood, sweat and tears into and then confidently inform even the harshest critic that they need to experience it."

Rotund Rebound has become that title. It's taken a combined 15,000+ hours from the two of us and given more than a few gray hairs in return, but we're very proud of this game.

Sadly, throughout this journey we have learned that our niche genre and many of what we consider the game's strongest features, combine into a product with very limited appeal in today's market. That being so, if you're at all interested in this game on Steam, we'd be ever so grateful if you would get it now during its 20%-off launch week, and leave us an honest review on Steam. It doesn't have to be positive, but it turns out that if you don't hit 10 legit-purchase reviews, Steam's algorithm assumes you're shovelware and buries you. (More on that here).

This request isn't about profit or our future in game development, but simply helping Rotund Rebound achieve its purpose. A game doesn't live unless it's played, and Rotund Rebound is an experience that deserves to live. Games brought us so much joy growing up, even shaping our lives and who we are as people, and that's what game dev has always been about for us: giving back that same experience to others.

Anyway, that's enough out of me! Whether you want Rotund Rebound now, later, or never, it's finally available. Thanks for sticking with us and we hope with all our heart that you enjoy it. :)