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Rotund Takeoff Demo Here to Stay, Updates Coming!

Posted by Toby on October 14, 2020

And so concludes another Steam Game Festival! Compared to Rotund Rebound's numbers in the Summer edition, Rotund Takeoff actually did much better on the downloads—but even less actually got around to playing it. That implies there were a lot of players interested enough to download it, but lacking in time or opportunity over the course of the festival. In view of that, we've decided to leave the demo up indefinitely! We'll also continue to update it as we work on the main project to improve rough spots like the placeholder opening cut scene graphics.

Whether you grabbed it during the festival or are coming in late, we hope you'll give it a go! If you find it's up your alley, be sure to come by our Discord to say hi, share your thoughts/records, and grab the exclusive spinoff title, Rotund Zero!