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Rotund Takeoff Demo Updated!

Posted by Paul on October 19, 2020

If you're looking for a TLDR, the title was it. We've updated RT's demo with:
- official opening cut scene graphics
- official music in the bonus level, and tweaked results music
- Steam Cloud functionality for your save data
- adjustments to some of the rank times
- Linux & macOS versions
- various minor tweaks

As previously mentioned, the RT demo got a LOT more downloads than people who actually played during the Steam Autumn Festival, so now if those people see it in their library and decide to give it a go, they'll be met with a much stronger experience. Hopefully those of you who've already played it will also enjoy the upgrades.

Last but not least, we've added Linux & macOS versions, and for those who don't dig the Steam vibe, we've also put the demo on itch.io!