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Rotund Takeoff Launching On Nintendo Switch!

Posted by Toby on June 2, 2021

It's finally happening! 7 years since Chubbins released on Nintendo Wii U, we and our plump bunny are officially returning to a Nintendo console on June 17th!

[Rotund Takeoff Nintendo Switch]

Chubbins itself had a bumpy reception back in the day, and the journey since has been even bumpier with a 3 year hiatus and 4 years of failed projects, delays, shifted priorities, and all manner of life and world changes. But here we are, back with a remake of our debut title--and in the same month of June even!

When returning to game development we had wanted to put our best foot forward with Rotund Rebound, but there's something appropriate about starting at the beginning. We're very happy with Rotund Takeoff and feel it's a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch in numerous ways.

It will be releasing in the Americas, Europe/Australia, and Japan. We're also holding a launch week sale of 20% for Europe/Australia and Japan, and as thanks for those who supported Chubbins back in the day, 40% off for the Americas.

Be sure to visit its eShop page for more info and add it your Wish List!