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Rotund Takeoff Release Day!

Posted by Paul on January 21, 2021

Well, here we are, the big day! It's been quite a while now since Dahku announced our return to game development, but we finally have a new release. After this long, releasing on different platforms, and in an industry that's changed a lot, it pretty much feels like our first release ever. Given that, you'd think we'd have a lot to say on this occasion, but well, we don't really. We're happy with how Rotund Takeoff has turned out, and as a remake it directly shows how far we've come. We're grateful to the small but faithful community that's stuck with us, and grateful to the handful of news sites and influencers who've helped spread awareness.

If Rotund Takeoff looks interesting to you, please do give it a chance! There's a 15% off launch discount for the first week.

[ Steam ]
[ itch.io ]

We hope you'll enjoy it, and that you'll want to follow along as we continue developing the epic sequel, Rotund Rebound!