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Rotund Takeoff Update 1.1

Posted by Paul on April 30, 2021

It's been a while! That certainly wasn't the plan. The plan was to swiftly port Rotund Takeoff to Nintendo Switch and release soon after PC. Early test builds looked encouraging, but then we got held up by some pesky technical difficulties that set us back by about two months. Ouch!

Happy to report those issues are behind us now, and we'll be submitting the game to Nintendo within the next few days! To be on the safe side, we won't be deciding or announcing a release date until we get word back from them that everything looks good. Hope you're looking forward to that!


In the meantime, we've brought the PC up to date with Version 1.1, available right now! Spending three months porting, testplaying, and reflecting upon 1.0's reception, we've ended up with quite the changelog. There's nothing that should heavily impact players, mostly just lots of minor tweaks and bug fixes. One exception however, is that the Sleep Bears have been reassigned to now block the World Challenges (8-Balls) until a player gets Silver medals across that entire world. Taking over their previous role are more Marvin booths, which is clearer and more consistent all around. Additionally, the booths asking for Gold medals have lower requirements. This makes it easier for casual players to experience the bonus levels, while creating an easier route for speedrunners. Win-win! See full changelog here.

TL;DR Things were stuck in the mud for a while but they're moving again! Switch version is coming soon-ish, and the PC update is out now! To celebrate, it's on sale for the weekend!
We haven't forgotten the epic sequel we were working on, either; we'll have an update on Rotund Rebound in the near future as well!