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Rotund Takeoff Update 1.2

Posted by Toby on May 11, 2022

A number of general Rotund tweaks and fixes have been found since Rotund Takeoff's 1.1 update, so we've brought it up to speed now that both Rotund Rebound and Rotund Zero are concluded!

These are all pretty subtle and technical changes, so the main point of interest would probably be the modernization of the Elite Flag threshold leniency system to match Rotund Rebound and Rotund Zero. Previously we'd set Elite thresholds by taking our dev times and manually adding a bit of leniency while rounding them up to a pretty number. Now they're determined automatically by adding a set leniency to the direct time, making it more consistent and easier to figure what the actual dev time was.

This also means nearly all Elite thresholds in the game have changed by a few frames, mostly for the looser as our previous normal level leniency was roughly 250ms and we've now made it 300ms to match RR. Leaf levels are 1 second and world challenges are 3 seconds.

Also of particular note for PC is that we've updated the project to be built from Unity 2021 instead of 2019, which carries a number of internal implications, and we've dropped x86 support on Windows. This was done for future-proofing and modernizing RT to match the other two Rotund games.

As always, you can check out the full changelog if you're interested in the nitty-gritty. Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy Rotund Takeoff 1.2!