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Rotund Takeoff Winter Holiday Sale!

Posted by Toby on December 23, 2021

[Winter Holiday Sale]
Heads up that Rotund Takeoff is currently 30% off on all storefronts! Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam through January 5th, and itch.io through January 3rd.

On the development front, Rotund Rebound is nearing completion and we're confident in a release early next year, though picking a date among certain giants is another matter.
Also, we've been working on polishing up the Discord-exclusive spinoff title, Rotund Zero, with more content and new features. We will be releasing it to storefronts next year as well, rounding out the "Rotund Trilogy"!

2022 is set to be the big year for Rotund releases, so now's a great time to begin your bouncing journey!