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Rotund Zero to Celebrate Game Boy's Birthday!

Posted by Toby on April 12, 2022

When we launched the Rotund Discord back in 2020, it came with a tiny Game Boy-inspired spinoff title that was free and exclusive to server members. Perhaps you remember Rotund Zero?

Or perhaps not. It honestly didn't work too well as a promotional tool, but we really liked it for its Game Boy style and casual approach to things. So rather than leave it to complete obscurity, we decided to polish it up into a legit release to storefronts and officially round out the "Rotund Trilogy". And what better time to do so than in celebration of the Game Boy's 33rd birthday on April 21st!

Store Links:
• eShop: https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/rotund-zero-switch/
• Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1888590/Rotund_Zero/
• itch: https://dahku.itch.io/rotund-zero

While version 1.0 was just a single 5-minute game mode, 2.0 is essentially a brand new game, beyond the scope of bothering with a changelog. Suffice to say there are more levels, more graphics, more music, more options, more ways to play, more fixes, more polish, more quality, and really just a whole lot, well, more. It's fully its own game now instead of an elaborate advertisement for Rotund Rebound.

It'll be $1.99 on all storefronts, but remember, the 2.0 itch version is still free for now at our Discord server, so feel free to drop on by and try it out. :)

We really enjoyed turning Rotund Zero into a more substantial experience, so we hope you'll enjoy it too!