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Status Update, And A Dream Come True

Posted by Paul on July 9, 2020

As an artistically inclined teen in the 90's, I was always dreaming up my own video game ideas and drawing characters and settings for them. When Mario Kart 64 came along, and other game series did their best to clone it, I'm sure I wasn't the only nerd to envision my own characters taking to the track in high speed 3D glory. 20+ years later, that dream has come true! Sort of.

[ Artwork of Chubbit in a racing kart ]

Chubbit was not one of those old characters, and we have not made a kart racing game, but an old piece of fan art from the Miiverse days put the idea in our heads, and Rotund Rebound's mini-games seemed like the perfect place to bring the concept to life.

[Miiverse Art by LudaChris]

We weren't sure exactly what sort of racing mini-game to make at first. Then we hit on the idea of a Mode 7 inspired approach, and got really excited about the possibilities. We knew we had to make it work, and we did!

[ Animated GIF of Kart Racing Mini-Game]

Kart mini-game aside, the past month's efforts have been split between advancing Rotund Rebound's development and trying to spread the word about it. The latter hasn't seen much success yet, but we're still trying. Participating in the Steam Game Festival was technically worth the time and effort put in, but only barely. We're hoping to get into a couple other curated events where we won't be lost among 900+ other games. We'll see if that goes anywhere.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick update and share some fun pictures. For more frequent and in-depth reports, hop on into our Discord!