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The Amusing Tale of Rotund Rebound's Release Date

Posted by Paul on October 19, 2019

Earlier this year, after careful consideration and much deliberation, we selected March 20th, 2020. It felt good for our projected schedule and March was supposedly a good month for indies without many AAA releases. Shortly thereafter, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Animal Crossing New Horizons came along, two of 2020's biggest games, both announced for March—ACNH on the same day even. Not wanting to put consumers in the tight spot of having to pick between three epic titles, we decided to push our release date back.

Joking aside, we obviously can't hope to compete for attention amid the likes of those giants. Our release date plans entered limbo as we reconsidered viable alternatives. And we're still in limbo, to be honest, but we're seeing it in a positive light. For a two-man team running themselves ragged, more time is never a bad thing as we continually improve upon our original vision for the game. We'll let you know once we've honed in on a new date.

Race and chase through a warped forest

Release delays aside, things are still progressing nicely. Recently we put the existing portion of the game into the hands of some advanced test players. Working with them has been a very interesting and involved process. Thanks to their feedback we've made a number of important tweaks and implemented new features that strengthen the game's experience in subtle but hugely satisfying ways. We look forward to sharing this refinement process through more in-depth dev blogs to come. In the meantime, be sure to check out the updated screenshots, Wishlist if you haven't yet, and all that good stuff. Thanks!