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Prism Queen

In the distant future, powerful robots designed for thrilling sporting arena battles have been set loose upon the world! Enter Prism Queen, a prototype designed to be the undisputed champion of the arena. She's also incomplete and untested, but her revolutionary arsenal expansion system makes her humanity's best hope.

Jump, run, and gun your way through exciting levels packed with perilous platforming and rampaging robots in search of Prism's peers, the arena's top-ranking Kings and Queens. Take them down to acquire their abilities and keep powering up to face off against the scheming masterminds behind it all and become the hero the world needs!

Inspired by classic retro titles, designed for the modern age. Prism Queen is a side-scrolling action platformer that follows a lovable cast through a colorful storyline set to an epic soundtrack.

Project development suspended. See here for details.


Prism Queen Media Kit (Jan.'18)
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