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Clearing Up Misinterpretations

Posted by Paul on

On the 31st we announced that we were ceasing our indie game development efforts (thanks again for all the well-wishes, everyone!). At the same time, we made a second post with some collective thoughts on the eShop market. As we said in the first paragraph of that post, we wanted to discuss the topic because A) it's very relevant to why we didn't succeed, and B) our experience could be very valuable to other indie devs looking to get their games on Wii U. Case in point, ourselves. If we were just getting in on the Wii U scene now, that post would be a great reference and would undoubtably change our entire approach.

As word spread yesterday we were sorry to see there are some people out there who have chosen to see it as a "bitter" and "hateful" attack on other indie devs. If that's the way you've chosen to see it, then we're not likely to change your mind, but we do want to state that it wasn't our intention to point fingers at anyone or cause the stir that we apparently did. Nor are we blaming others for our failure. We've already made previous blog posts outlining mistakes we made along the way, but we do feel strongly that the current state of the market and people's perceptions of the market played a large part.

Let's bottom line it for those who missed the point:
If a dev makes a $2 game in a matter of days, they won't lose much if it fails.
If a dev makes a $2 game that takes months, they lose big time if it fails.
Saying so is not bitter and hateful, it's fact.

Yesterday we saw a number of people out there reaching different conclusions as to who we were talking about. There's a reason why we didn't mention any developers by name, and why we still aren't. If we go and say that we weren't talking about Dev A, then other people are going to assume it must be Dev B, and so on. It doesn't matter, and anyone who's busy focusing on it is missing the whole point. It's not about this dev or that dev or blame, it's about providing helpful insight into the current market.

Switching topic entirely, to the people who somehow got the impression we decided to quit because we didn't make a fortune off our "crappy smartphone games", just no. We were hoping to make enough just to scrape by so that we could then try our hand at bigger, more exciting titles, but we didn't make enough, so that's that. Our regrets extend beyond just the money as well. Not only have we lost the chance to create greater games for Wii U, but we aren't able to follow up with updates or European releases on Chubbins and Soon Shine, as many of our followers were hoping for.