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Prism Queen, Action Platformer!

We're two brothers with a passion for game development.
Starting small got us nowhere, so now we're dreaming big!


Posted by Toby on
Prism Queen Logo

Hey everyone! It's been a quiet month since our last blog, but we've still been hard at work on Prism Queen and things are coming along nicely. Expect bigger updates soon, but in the meantime we're proud to present our polished logo for the project! We've also added a number of new screens and a fresh description to the game's page.

Until next time!

Posted by Paul on

August was an interesting month for Prism Queen. Early on, our hours poured into the project exceeded those spent on Chubbins and Soon Shine combined, and by the end we're getting close to surpassing the total of all three of our prior games. Looking at things in those terms, it's troubling to think how much we've already put into a project that could ultimately fail on Kickstarter--no doubt many indies know the feeling.

On the other hand, Prism Queen is all about aiming high, dreaming big, and doing everything right this time around!

Prism Queen Leaping and Shooting at Shark Enemy

In mid-August we took time to reevaluate our schedule. We'd been looking at October for Kickstarter, but decided that making that deadline would not only mean working at an insane pace but also scaling back the Kickstarter presentation from our original vision. We ultimately decided we didn't want to go that route. We want to take as much time as necessary to polish Prism Queen and give it the presentation and promotion it deserves.

We're now looking at winter 2018 for Kickstarter, probably February. We hope everyone out there will agree in the end that the wait was worth it!

Posted by Paul on

So, we aren't quite where we intended to be by the end of July. Things were going well in the first half, then took a turn. We were ready to move forward on certain aspects but wanted more graphical feedback first (an area of contention in our previous titles). From those we sent work-in-progress screens to, some replies were less than enthusiastic, while others we still haven't heard back from. On the upside, having an environment that's still in development allowed me to keep adding details while waiting, and work to address points of concern as they arose.

Prism Queen WIP Screenshot, Dashing with Enemies Hopping Around

Everyone's imagination works differently, so the potential of a WIP screenshot isn't always obvious. What to us was a park at the city's edge (again, in progress), was perceived by some as a random pairing of an industrial foreground and a meadow background. This is exactly why feedback is so important; eventually we would have fleshed out the park, but in view of this revelation, I made it my top priority, starting with a fence to separate the two distinct areas.

Prism Queen WIP Screenshot, Standing on a Sidewalk Near a Park Entrance

All three of these images are still very much WIPs, and we're still looking for feedback on how the intro environment is shaping up, as well as the overall art direction in general. Tweak by tweak we hope we're closing in on an eye-catching and eye-pleasing aesthetic.

Prism Queen WIP Screenshot, Fighting Shark Robots with Helicopter Propellers

Posted by Paul on

It's about time we announced the name of our new project; as the blog title indicates, the game is Prism Queen! It's also the name of our lead character, who you can get a first look at in the image below!

Prism Queen

If this is the first you've heard of the project, it's a 2.5D action platformer. Now that we're in the second half of the year, it's time to start sharing more details, but development is still somewhat early so we'll leave it at this for today. What do you think of Prism's design? Let us know!