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Posted by Paul on

It's been just over a month since Dahku announced its return to the game scene. Reception was predictably underwhelming--we hadn't exactly attracted a large following in the past, and we weren't quite ready to talk about the future. As it happens, we still aren't ready for any sort of official reveal on our new project, but we figured it couldn't hurt to drop some early details and let our few devoted followers know how things are going.

Early Engine Screenshot

Toby shared the above screenshot on May 6th, a very early look at his side of things. His testing environment hasn't changed much in the past month, but for the programmer it's all about what's under the hood. He's more than doubled the number of lines of core code at work since then, and all of it's been fine-tuned for efficiency and performance along the way. In short, all major motion and collision functionality is in place and running super smoothly.

Our main character model is very near to complete, and hopefully she'll be animated and ready to insert into the engine before long. But my time hasn't been solely devoted to one character. Among other things, I've been building an environment that will ultimately be our intro stage. There's still much to be done, as the screenshot below shows, but there's been a lot of texture and shader work involved as each piece of the stage is added and we feel our way toward perfecting the desired aesthetic.

Early Stage Screenshot

As you may have gathered, we're developing a 2.5D platformer. And, that's about as specific as we want to get right now. We're making something big, and don't want to unveil it prematurely. As for how big, let's just say that even at this early point, the total hours poured into the project will soon match the time we put into Chubbins, previously our biggest title. And we're not alone; we've been getting advanced opinions from select individuals who are prominent in the online communities that represent our target audience, and just today we signed a contract with an awesome composer who will be providing our soundtrack! Stay tuned, the future is looking bright!

Posted by Toby on

After a lengthy hiatus, we're excited to announce that Dahku is returning to indie game development!

A lot has changed, but one constant has been our regret at never having gotten to pursue any of our grander game design visions. Our prime interest as developers has always been to create the kind of game we can passionately pour our hearts, souls, blood, sweat and tears into and then confidently inform even the harshest critic that they need to experience it.

Our old approach, creating small games in the hopes of funding those bigger projects, simply didn't work out. As the right circumstances have recently merged with our ambitions, this time around we're aiming high from the start with a new title that we couldn't be more excited about! The project is early in development, but once it's far enough along we'll be taking it to Kickstarter.

Regarding the immediate platforms we intend to develop for, PC is a safe bet but we'd very much love to return to Nintendo development via Switch and are pursuing that possibility.

To mark our return we've given our site a complete overhaul and have ported our very first game to Windows and Mac and made it available for free right here on the site! We're also holding a Soon Shine giveaway on our new Facebook page, which you can enter here.

We'll be working hard in the coming weeks to bring our new ideas to fruition, so be sure to check back and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest!

Posted by Paul on

Once upon a time we mentioned the idea of going through and explaining the origins of the quirky level titles in Chubbins. Well, as the game is now on sale for the entire month, it seemed as good a time as any to go ahead and finally do this. Weirdness may ensue.

Please note I am NOT bothering with all the proper italics and casing that go with movie titles, etc.

Posted by Paul on

On the 31st we announced that we were ceasing our indie game development efforts (thanks again for all the well-wishes, everyone!). At the same time, we made a second post with some collective thoughts on the eShop market. As we said in the first paragraph of that post, we wanted to discuss the topic because A) it's very relevant to why we didn't succeed, and B) our experience could be very valuable to other indie devs looking to get their games on Wii U. Case in point, ourselves. If we were just getting in on the Wii U scene now, that post would be a great reference and would undoubtably change our entire approach.

Posted by Toby on

Following up our recent announcement that Dahku is done with game development, we have some thoughts on the current state of the Wii U eShop, and why we think things turned out the way they did for us. This may be informative for fellow small devs looking to Wii U as a development option, and it may be of interest if you're one of the few who like what we do.

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