Chubbins: Changes for Wii U
Posted by Toby on Mar 24, 2014

While Chubbins has been a finished game since spring '13, porting the game to Wii U has given us the opportunity to add some new features and make a number of improvements that make for a generally more solid experience. Read on to see what they are and why we're making them!

  • Addition of Time Attack Mode
    As one might expect, Time Attack mode will allow the player to tackle levels individually as they are unlocked by playing through the worlds normally, with the eventual unlocking of a Boss Rush. In addition to setting individual level records, this will also serve as a good way to practice specific levels for achieving better times in standard Modes.
  • Renaming of 'Casual' and 'Classic' Modes to 'Soft' and 'Hard'
    Originally Chubbins released with only the 'Classic' Mode of play, but a short while later we updated with 'Casual' that included numerous checkpoints throughout the levels to decrease difficulty and increase its pick-up-and-play value, among other tweaks. With the renaming of these Modes, 'Hard' will remain true to the original 'Classic' while 'Soft' will feature new aids for beginner players, including visible paths for moving platforms and player tips provided throughout World 1.
  • Miscellaneous Features
    We're making a number of minor improvements here and about, such as increasing the max time counter from 1 to 2 hours for those who found the game especially difficult. A couple of levels have also received very minor edits to decrease potential confusion. And naturally, such an update also squashes a few bugs and makes a couple of visual upgrades.

While the Wii U version will be launching with these enhancements, they will also be included in a v2.0 update for the iOS version, releasing at or around the same time. These changes include most everything we had in mind to eventually update the game with, making for a rather "definitive" version of Chubbins, so we're excited to get it out there!

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