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Prism Queen - Where Things Stand

Posted by Toby on

It's been about a month since we put out the 1 year trailer for Prism Queen and discussed the unique but unfortunate situation the project has found itself in. We also actively sought feedback to help us determine where to take things from here.

And the results? Soft enthusiasm, vague criticism, but mostly silence. Things may have been different if people had seen it prior to Mega Man 11's announcement, but in its present state and circumstances, Prism Queen seems generally perceived as simply unremarkable. Canceling the project and moving on might be the wise thing to do... but we're still not there yet.

Prism Queen is very much a passion project. It's no exaggeration to say that Mega Man has been one of the most influential forces in our lives, and so much of what we love and what we do can be traced back to him as the root of it all. Some cynics may have viewed Prism as nothing more than an attempt to cash-in on the Mega Man franchise, but the incentive to fill the void and create a proper spiritual successor wasn't as much for the commercial potential as to engage in what we know and what we love, putting our own fresh spin on it and bringing that kind of experience to a new generation of gamers.

The window to create that spiritual successor may have closed, but we still see potential for Prism Queen to shine just as brightly as something different. This change in direction will take time to plan and develop, and we're also giving the project some downtime to breathe. We hope that if and when Prism returns, she'll be properly received as the champion she was made to be.

In the meantime...

We've had some other titles brewing on the side, less ambitious than Prism Queen, but still exciting and holding to the sentiment expressed when we announced our return to game development: "Our prime interest as developers has always been to create the kind of game we can passionately pour our hearts, souls, blood, sweat and tears into and then confidently inform even the harshest critic that they need to experience it."

So, while Prism takes time to reflect, we're hard at work on another title. We intend to reveal it officially tomorrow, but there will be a sneak-peek on Twitter today for #ScreenShotSaturday.