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Posted by Toby on

After a lengthy hiatus, we're excited to announce that Dahku is returning to indie game development!

A lot has changed, but one constant has been our regret at never having gotten to pursue any of our grander game design visions. Our prime interest as developers has always been to create the kind of game we can passionately pour our hearts, souls, blood, sweat and tears into and then confidently inform even the harshest critic that they need to experience it.

Our old approach, creating small games in the hopes of funding those bigger projects, simply didn't work out. As the right circumstances have recently merged with our ambitions, this time around we're aiming high from the start with a new title that we couldn't be more excited about! The project is early in development, but once it's far enough along we'll be taking it to Kickstarter.

Regarding the immediate platforms we intend to develop for, PC is a safe bet but we'd very much love to return to Nintendo development via Switch and are pursuing that possibility.

To mark our return we've given our site a complete overhaul and have ported our very first game to Windows and Mac and made it available for free right here on the site! We're also holding a Soon Shine giveaway on our new Facebook page, which you can enter here.

We'll be working hard in the coming weeks to bring our new ideas to fruition, so be sure to check back and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest!

Posted by Paul on

Once upon a time we mentioned the idea of going through and explaining the origins of the quirky level titles in Chubbins. Well, as the game is now on sale for the entire month, it seemed as good a time as any to go ahead and finally do this. Weirdness may ensue.

Please note I am NOT bothering with all the proper italics and casing that go with movie titles, etc.

Posted by Paul on

Being the avid Nintendo fans that we are, and being the indie developers we are, it was a very exciting moment when we learned that the Wii U had an indie-friendly developer program. Console development could open up all sorts of possibilities to us, but first and foremost, we had a game that felt to us like it should have been on a Nintendo system all along, that never got a chance to appeal with its new, easier difficulty mode, and which we truly felt could find a good home on a system where the players would have the same gaming values as we did. It would be a great way to test the waters on a new market.

Posted by Paul on

Somewhere along the way we decided it would be fun to add a little personality by giving each level its own title card. We love using quotes in everyday life. Movies, TV shows, games, books, real life personalities--you name it, if it's quotable we'll find a way to work it into our vocabulary. Chubbins is just weird enough that we felt we could share that part of ourselves by working those quotes and references into relevant (or semi-relevant in some cases) level names. Hopefully some of you out there have been able to pick out a few you're familiar with. Maybe sometime we'll write out a full list of where they all come from and why we chose them.


Posted by Paul on

A while ago we posted about the reception that Chubbins got when it released last month on the Wii U eShop. Having rounded up and summarized the community's thoughts, I thought it would be fun to also share our own perspective as developers. Hopefully it will be an informative and entertaining look at the creative process behind the game. There may be some spoilers here and about, but since Chubbins is all about gameplay there really isn't much to spoil.

So, you may have heard already that my brother Toby and I have our gaming roots firmly planted in the NES days. We grew up on classics like Mega Man, Zelda and Mario, and we've pretty much stuck solely with Nintendo systems over the years. Needless to say it's incredibly exciting to be developing our own games for the Wii U.

(By the way, there's a price drop starting on 7/24 for Chubbins, just so you know)