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Posted by Paul on

As we've said before, we were really excited when the opportunity to develop games for Wii U arose. This was Nintendo--our home turf so to speak--and with the power of a console the possibilities were endless! Still, after a year of total fail in the iOS market, we had to remain realistic. We ported Chubbins, to test the waters of a new market and try to get a return on our time invested. We always did feel the game was more like a Nintendo title than an iOS anyway.

Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from talking details, but even before we signed on as developers we'd heard that Nintendo offers newcomers a chance to work with their equipment free of charge for a time. We hoped that Chubbins would be successful enough in that window of opportunity that we could then move on to bigger and better Wii U exclusive games.

By contrast, Chubbins on Wii U was a success. We managed to stand out, get great community coverage, and the sales have been infinitely better than they were on iOS. Sadly, it still wasn't enough. Nowhere near it, in fact. Having put all that effort into learning the Wii U ropes and gaining valuable insight into the market, we realized the window of opportunity would still be open just long enough that we could try to put that knowledge to use on an experiment of sorts.

Posted by Paul on

I begin to feel like a fossil, a relic of a bygone age. The more I experience, the more I'm realizing that when I see people say they like "retro" games, what they really mean is they like the visual style of 8-bit games (or 11-bit, as seems a better approximation of what people do these days). There's a big difference between a game that simply looks like it's from the old days, and one that actually incorporates gaming values from the old days. We, Dahku, really liked those old days, and we try to bring to the table the essence of those days, not with little pixel graphics but with core gameplay ideas and values... And I think it's killing us.

Posted by Toby on

After months of nothing but Chubbins here on the blog, we're excited to finally announce our second title for the Wii U eShop! Soon Shine puts you in control of the sun and moon and tasks you with fighting off hoards of spirits hungering for energy--your energy.

[Soon Shine - Coming Soon to Wii U]

Gameplay-wise, Soon Shine is played entirely on the Wii U GamePad's touch screen, and combines the single-screen score-racking fun of puzzle classics like Tetris with the quick reflexes and tenacity required of an action game. It's an addictive combination that we hope will appeal to a wide variety of gamers!

Soon Shine is currently under Nintendo review, and we hope to release it across the Americas mid-August. It will be priced at $1.99 in the US. Check out the trailer and other info here!

Posted by Paul on

Last year was highly educational for us. Dahku put out three games for iPhone and iPad over the course of 2013, all of them on the small side (for the sake of a non-existent budget and keeping development times down), and all of them designed with the iOS market in mind--something we knew very little about at the start.

We grew up on Nintendo consoles, in the golden days when "playing Nintendo" was synonymous with "playing video games". Of course it's a different world out there for consoles these days, the kind of different you might feel when visiting a foreign country. Mobile on the other hand, is like visiting another planet.