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Posted by Paul on

As we've said before, we were really excited when the opportunity to develop games for Wii U arose. This was Nintendo--our home turf so to speak--and with the power of a console the possibilities were endless! Still, after a year of total fail in the iOS market, we had to remain realistic. We ported Chubbins, to test the waters of a new market and try to get a return on our time invested. We always did feel the game was more like a Nintendo title than an iOS anyway.

Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from talking details, but even before we signed on as developers we'd heard that Nintendo offers newcomers a chance to work with their equipment free of charge for a time. We hoped that Chubbins would be successful enough in that window of opportunity that we could then move on to bigger and better Wii U exclusive games.

By contrast, Chubbins on Wii U was a success. We managed to stand out, get great community coverage, and the sales have been infinitely better than they were on iOS. Sadly, it still wasn't enough. Nowhere near it, in fact. Having put all that effort into learning the Wii U ropes and gaining valuable insight into the market, we realized the window of opportunity would still be open just long enough that we could try to put that knowledge to use on an experiment of sorts.

Posted by Toby on

In our last blog post Paul went over our collective pre-launch thoughts on Chubbins. We're now coming up on a month since the game hit the eShop, so it seems a good time to talk about how things have gone post-launch. This could be considered a postmortem of sorts; I'll be tackling the project in sections, looking at what we did wrong, what we did right, and other aspects of the project and its reception worth noting.