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Posted by Paul on

Somewhere along the way we decided it would be fun to add a little personality by giving each level its own title card. We love using quotes in everyday life. Movies, TV shows, games, books, real life personalities--you name it, if it's quotable we'll find a way to work it into our vocabulary. Chubbins is just weird enough that we felt we could share that part of ourselves by working those quotes and references into relevant (or semi-relevant in some cases) level names. Hopefully some of you out there have been able to pick out a few you're familiar with. Maybe sometime we'll write out a full list of where they all come from and why we chose them.


Posted by Paul on

A while ago we posted about the reception that Chubbins got when it released last month on the Wii U eShop. Having rounded up and summarized the community's thoughts, I thought it would be fun to also share our own perspective as developers. Hopefully it will be an informative and entertaining look at the creative process behind the game. There may be some spoilers here and about, but since Chubbins is all about gameplay there really isn't much to spoil.

So, you may have heard already that my brother Toby and I have our gaming roots firmly planted in the NES days. We grew up on classics like Mega Man, Zelda and Mario, and we've pretty much stuck solely with Nintendo systems over the years. Needless to say it's incredibly exciting to be developing our own games for the Wii U.

(By the way, there's a price drop starting on 7/24 for Chubbins, just so you know)

Posted by Paul on

In less than 24 hours, Chubbins will be launching on Nintendo's Wii U eShop! As developers, the agonizing wait for its success or failure is almost over, so it seems a good time to write up some quick thoughts about this stressful pre-launch window.

Any indie developer starting out needs to be prepared for failure, both mentally and financially. Unfortunately we made the mistake of wasting our "means to fail" with three games on the iOS market, where we didn't fit in. So in heading to Nintendo (where we wish we could have been to begin with), we knew from the start that it was a last chance scenario; we couldn't afford another failure. If our first game on Wii U doesn't work out, that's it. So I think it's safe to say that this period of hopeful anticipation has been more stressful for us than most.

Posted by Paul on

Chubbins for Wii Uâ„¢ is moving closer to submission to Nintendo! The lastest hurdle, an unexpected revisiting of graphics, is behind us now.

If you haven't been watching our blog in the short time it's been around, we had initially planned on leaving Chubbins' simplistic graphics more or less as they appeared on iOS. That decision was at first met with much disapproval from people around the web, but when we asked for and got more specific feedback as to what we might improve, a number of very supportive people also appeared to help offset all the criticism. Thanks to everyone out there, positive and negative alike, we were able to find a better balance for what we wanted to change.